Demo 2017

by True Self

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Hardcore Punk from Springfield, Missouri

Alex - Guitar

Brad - Bass

Kasey - Drums

Andrew - Vocals


released February 21, 2017

Alex - "So who do you wanna thank?"

Brad - " awesome! Ive got a short list of thanks haha Id like to thank dogs for sure, the black market, scotch, my sister Danielle Gilmore, my mom linda russell, my gma sandy smith, my bass teacher riley Robison and dabs"

Kasey - "Alexis, Jay Dee and Angelica from Harvest House, home boys in Inferni, Morbid Rites, out of step and Primitive Rage. Every dog. Springfield, MO in general. Kevin from Landmark Co. (Whatever the company is called). Family and every friend I forgot on here."

Andrew - " ^throw in Rama Thai and Sweet Leaf and we are set"

Alex - " Lemme thank Jake Richardson for designs and being a good guy overall, Timewalk for recommending Kevin Brooks to us, Cole Simmons photography and Balls Deep Productions for booking whatever I help create."



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True Self Springfield, Missouri

Springfield, MO

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Track Name: The Worst Reasons
Full of shit You're just another hypocrite
Leeching off anyone for personal benefit
What is this?
Did I catch you in the act again?
Hanging around for all the worst reasons
Force yourself on someone else, I'll make you fucking pay Make you pay
Track Name: Isolated
Walls dark blue, shades pulled shut
Will I always be satisfied going through life isolated? People just seem to anger me, full of ignorance and greed Selfishness drove me from society
When you lost your purpose you lost me
Let me stay in my head
Let me stay in my head
Behind these walls I stay isolated
Track Name: True Self
Never Again
Will I let you get under my skin
You took me off my path, my given direction Fueled by selfishness and your bad intentions I'm alright, I found what it is I need in my life. Your true self, the hardest thing to be I'm trying
Trying to get out of this rut that I'm living in
Seems that I'm stuck, I'm not giving in
Walking with a purpose for the very first time My life is mine
For the first time my life is mine to live
Look inside and find your true self within
Track Name: Sick
Flat, barren, trees wither away
Can't see the sky from the pollution you create You keep taking from the land but don't reciprocate Piss away our resources like you're the one who made them exist Shaped the earth and grew the plants
Created animals, humans, and fostered knowledge All so you could sit on your ass making ignorant comments You make me sick
Track Name: Sabrina
You're stronger than this
I can't stand to see you this way Living a life for a man who made you isolated from everything Bed by six with no dinner made
Crying through the day while he's away See through it all
Value is in self worth
Don't act like you don't have control
You have control
Track Name: Old Man Stuck In His Ways
I am my old mans son
The same disease that holds him tempts me Staring down the bottom of a bottle drunk and lonely Coasting through the days and nights With no real path or will for life
Changing shape and face and we know the reasons why What's done is done, you can't go back But you can ensure that none of the acts are ever committed by you again
You'd rather numb your life to the point where reality fades into dream and you're unaware which is really happening
It's not okay, what's the point of living without feeling? I'd rather die than be cut off from my emotions "Well it's alright. He's just an old man stuck in his ways" I don't buy it
You were good once, what changed? What happened to you?
fifteen years thrown down the drain for one more taste. What a selfish thing
Lying in the driveway
watch your daughter cry as you lean on your only son Am I your only son?
I won't always be there to lean on Get it together