The Pain I Bury

by True Self

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I've never wanted to fight Choosing fists over tongue Why would I burn a bridge when I could easily cross and see the side you're standing on Why would I fold to your point of view when you seem just as unhappy? The only difference is that I express distress openly while you hide yours Lets talk about it How we're pushing for a unified society while building a rift between people in our communities A push for change a global need But you forget who needs saving Howselfish can you be? To think the world was meant for only you While people in the streets have no homes to go back to Pushing for a utopia you feel is jear your grasp and to accomplish that you'll murder the lower class
You try and push for change in every medium, but do you know yourself well enough to advocate for what is claimed to be truth by your identity? Sympathetically or knowledgeably aware of the nature of everyone's existence; where empathy can be a grasp on truth and lead the soul in the direction it should be headed. Have you achieved a level of self control at which you can handle the fourth kind of madness? Or will divine inspiration consume you whole? A lack of love and perception. See all sides Help someone grow Maybe then you wont feel so hollow
My Stance 01:27
Equal ground for all Life is hard enough without your shit
Leech 01:26
angsty kid with imbalances blaming life all the time Hanging out with a short list of friends getting high all the time An instigator that grunts for change contradicting all the time Nothing new, another leech on the scene hiding their toxicity Another leech on the scene Another leech on the scene Just a trend to fucking hop on Another cause you'll drop in ninth months what's next? Crawling from scene to scene. Leeching off of anything that will feed your craving. Numbing pain only prolongs your suffering, do you have an end game? Live this way and you'll end up alone, I hope you have an end game.
Bitter 01:44
I see you Looking at me Eye to eye But it's not you I see Just a shell of who you used to be You never take anything seriously Nothing at all I see you Looking at me Eye to eye But it's not you I see When all is said and done, how will you remember me? Will bias flood your brain or will my actions break through your thick head? Always treating life like a game thinking it will get you ahead When in truth you don't move Just complain and decompose Stagnant and unwaivering You refuse to grow
False Self 02:06
Sometimes life is difficult and painful, and sometimes life is joyful and full. With awareness you can minimize the pain and maximize the joy that surrounds you. We were all born with a mind,id, an ego, a soul. We all start similar and develop as we grow into what we see around us. Life is just a projection of your thoughts. What you dwell upon you will become Full of hatred Floating through life Wondering why it's hard to get by Stop blaming everything else And take a look inside Change your outlook Change your mind
This disapproval is from your view, not mine Stop treating views like truth, only hearing stories from one side Instead of condemning others lets try to understand Your critique's are like homing pigeons They always return home, never land Instead of trying to manage others actions why not first work on yourself? I bet you won't Every act that you've ever preformed since the day you were born is because you wanted something Even in acts of charity and kindness, you made the contribution because you wanted something Now in a position to judge you upturn your nose all because someone wanted something? We all just want something Any fool can criticize, condemn, and judge -- and most fools do But it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving. To see situations from all points of view Everyone you meet has fought a hard fight. How fucking dare you try and devalue their life. Your head is black Your heart is black You are alone.


released July 1, 2019

Recorded/Mixed by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Studios in Chicago, IL
Mastered by Wyatt Oberholzer
All songs written by True Self


all rights reserved



True Self Springfield, Missouri

Springfield, MO

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